2016 Honda Fit Automatic Review – Lost Spark for Refinement

Move over crossovers, the 2016 Honda Fit Automatic back for once more and it’s tugging at the market’s customers looking for a practical everyday car. While the Fit may have grown and matured from the original car back in the early 2000’s, the Fit has become a refined, and very practical highly recommend daily driver.

2016 Honda Fit Automatic Review - Lost Spark for Refinement

The 2016 Honda Fit Automatic Offers Fun and Fuel Efficiency Rolled Into One Package

The 2016 Honda Fit Automatic went from a hatchback that offers fun, to a milder, fuel efficient, very practical daily driver. If you compare the looks of the three generations of the Fit, the first one can be described as fresh, or cute.The second generation gained a lot of lines and details making it look the sportiest. The current generation resembles the second generation in terms of detail with the lines and faux scoops but has a more matured tone as if the second generation has retired from all the sportiness. The overall look nonetheless is still good, just milder. Under the hood is a 1.5-Liter naturally-aspirated four cylinder with Honda’s signature Vtec mated to a CVT taking away excitement in exchange for efficiency.

On the inside it’s hard to believe that you’re in a compact hatchback; the 2016 Fit Automatic has the cabin of a mid-sized sedan and the versatility of a crossover. An ingenious chassis design putting the fuel tank under the front seats make for a low flat floor, the rear seats could comfortably accommodate taller passengers with ease. If you’re not hauling people at the back, the “Magic Seats” from the HR-V could fold in many ways providing cargo space extension for the hatch; it’s overused and cheesy but there’s no denying you can fit almost anything in the Fit. Overall fit and finish of the interior is okay considering its class and price point, the materials pass as okay with a modern sleek look to the cabin; the major downside is Honda’s new 7 inch touch interface that has capacitive touch buttons, its low response and zero tactile feedback make it distracting and frustrating to use.

Driving the 2016 Honda Fit Automatic, gone is the peppy, sharp handling, and agile nature of the first generation; the Fit now has a CVT for maximum efficiency neutering the 1.5-Liter engine which is sad because it’s one of the better engines for its class at 130hp. While it zips 0-60 faster than its competitors at 8.6 seconds, it’s still boring but the upside is fuel economy. At an EPA rated 41mpg, if you won’t smile at the car’s performance, you’ll definitely smile about how less often you get to visit the gas station.


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