2016 Mercedes Benz G550 Review – A “Lite” Version

Among the G wagens, the 2016 Mercedes Benz G550 is considered as the entry level model with the least features of its siblings the completely bonkers G65, and the much more balanced but still excessive G63. The G series or G wagen or Gelandewagen series from Mercedes Benz has become a pop culture icon and has been earning the marquee billions of profits from its inception from a military vehicle to an absurdly powerful luxury vehicle. Even as an entry level the word “lite version” is the more appropriate as the luxury is indeed there but most of the offerings are downsized for less expense (no matter how negligible the difference may be).

2016 Mercedes Benz G550 Review - A "Lite" Version

The 2016 Mercedes Benz G550 Hasn’t Changed Much Over the Years

Boxy, rugged, utility-focused has been the look of the G series ever since it was introduced, and that design choice is still apparent with the 2016 Mercedes Benz G550. Mercedes Benz preserved the value of the truck, think of it as a modern day classic retaining the original body and chassis, opting for the old solid axles versus independently articulating axles. Most of the changes are subtle and under the sheet metal. More noticeable are LED running lights, wing mirror turn signals, hidden cameras and radar for driver assists but most won’t be noticed until closer inspection; this is the equivalent of Land Rover’s defender. Under the hood, you’ll find a modern twin turbo 4-Liter V8 putting out 416hp and is mated to a 7-speed automatic.

On the inside of the 2016 Benz G550, because of the engineering of the old body, some compromises are present such as slightly tight rear passenger legroom, the dimensions remain the same after 37 years all that’s changed are the dashboard that covers the classic metal panels of the cabin. Such compromises are expected in a vehicle that’s unchanged at its core and even so, that adds to the value of the vehicle as Mercedes prices this at way lofty ranges, the interior is luxurious. While still considered lesser than the higher end models, luxury is not lacking in the G550.

The aging chassis can still keep up thanks to the modern technology added to the 2016 Mercedes Benz G550. Don’t go crazy though as the powerful engine, heavy body, and tall ride height can provoke physics and this is the reason Mercedes chose to not include an option to turn stability control completely off. More of an off road vehicle the 4×4 and solid axles treat obstacles like a piece of cake.


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