2016 Rolls Royce Dawn Review – The Ultimate Luxury Cruiser

The 2016 Rolls Royce Dawn is based on the Rolls Royce Wraith will succeed the now discontinued Phantom Drophead. Put it simply, the Dawn is the new Wraith under its luxurious sheet metal skin with its top lopped off and replaced 80% of the panels with Dawn-specific designs to drastically differentiate the Dawn from a convertible Wraith. What’s great about the Dawn is that it is really calm-looking, like a relaxing luxury yacht than a powerboat, it’s not hot on the eyes like a supercar but has class. Put it simply the Dawn is an old school luxury convertible that makes its presence better felt than seen.

2016 Rolls Royce Dawn Review – The Ultimate Luxury Cruiser

The 2016 Rolls Royce Dawn is an Ultra-Luxurious Convertible Made for the Daily Driver

Rolls Royce has always stayed true to their old school looks as the long nose with the big engine inside and up front is a boxy front end with a distinct grille topped with the flying lady can be found on the 2016 Rolls Royce Dawn. If basic design is compared, most Rolls Royce vehicle would be identical in basic design and that’s not actually a bad thing because Rolls Royce is going for their own design philosophy when it comes to presenting their vehicles. Unlike super expensive supercars, the Dawn ultra-luxury convertible has no trouble with curbs, ride height, fuel economy, noise, and even attracting heat or stereotyping. Put it simply the Dawn is a regular car with zero issues but with all the luxury crammed inside. Under the hood is a cruising-optimized 6.6 Liter V12 twin turbo engine putting out 563hp and 575lb-ft of torque.

On the inside of the 2016 Dawn, it’s all class, there are no modern touches like Apple CarPlay, or on-board WiFi, but there is the BMW-based 10.3 inch LED screen, as well as a ton of comfort features. All in all, the interior is all about the actual experience. The enormous door opens suicide style and upon sitting inside there is great room for four adults to unwind.

The 2016 Rolls Royce Dawn is tuned for cruising and not for track use; the sheer weight of the vehicle can’t be handled by the suspension and will not be very corner-friendly. The V12 has the power to propel it from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds but that’s it, no doubt it’s quick but just let it bolt in a straight line and you’re good. Engine response is also too lazy to be revved up for spirited driving forcing you to just drive it calmly, and comfortably like it’s meant to be.


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