2016 Toyota Alphard Review – A Lexus-Looking Minivan

The 2016 Toyota Alphard represents an excess for Toyota, when you thought the Toyota Hiace Super Grandia was their holy grail of large-capacity luxury people-haulers Toyota steps it up with the highly luxurious Toyota Alphard minivan that almost takes the quality, styling, practically almost everything to premium Lexus territory.

2016 Toyota Alphard Review – A Lexus-Looking Minivan

The 2016 Toyota Alphard is Like an Offshoot From the Brand

The 2016 Toyota Alphard has chrome, lots of it. Especially on that humungous grille that just demands a huge amount of attention. If the chrome wasn’t enough to blind pedestrians with its attention-seeking glare, the exterior styling is almost concept-car like with unusual shapes on the lights, panels, and even the windows. Up front you have a snub nose with a very prominent chrome grille flanked by angular shapes and the headlights. At the sides is a crease that almost resembles a huge dent from the front quarter panel going towards the rear power side doors and blends with the wheel arches. There’s a weird design on the power rear side door windows as well as the tail lights that curve up from the tailgate to the D-pillar, it’s unusual but it will grow on you. Under the hood is a 3.5 Liter V6 gasoline engine that delivers 271hp and 340Nm of torque. The V6 is mated to a 6-speed automatic and finished in a front-wheel drive layout.

You have to take a moment to just take in the sheer luxury of the materials, the comfort, and the overall feel of the cabin. Despite the hulking size of the 2016 Alphard, it only seats seven; two up front, three on the second row, and the last two people go in the third row giving maximum space, though the second row captain seats is the best place to be.Hands down, the Alphard has the best luxury interior that Toyota has to offer.

The engine is powerful enough to haul the mass of the minivan but in order for the 2016 Toyota Alphard to be nimble, the V6 has to guzzle a lot of fuel to prevent it from feeling lethargic. With all the effort put into making sure the cabin is comfortable, road feedback for the driver is minimal; you don’t really need sporty handling for a vehicle this size and its better not to provoke physics with the Alphard.  It is excessive for a family van, but for uses such as hotel chauffeur use, it’s the perfect minivan for the job.


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