Acer Swift 7 Review – Going the Distance

What is the Acer Swift 7? This is the brand’s flagship model of the second line, and it comes with just about everything that you would expect from a high-end notebook. Taking a look at what’s on paper, you will be able to take advantage of a 7th-Generation Intel Core i5-7Y54 dual-core processor, 8GB of RAM, a 1080p display (comes with a Gorilla Glass finish), and a 256GB solid state drive. With all of these features, you would be assured that the laptop is nowhere near cheap. However, at its price point, it does enter a notoriously competitive portion of the market.

Acer Swift 7 Review - Going the Distance

The Acer Swift 7 Needs to Take Down a Ton of Competitors

The Acer Swift 7 continues on with the fashion of the product line. Its chassis is clad in metallic gold, but the display lid is that of a matte black variety. While there are many a lot of laptops that want to stay away from such a design choice, Acer pulls it off with this model and pays no heed to naysayers.

Moving its color to the side, it does, however, offer a more traditional design than many of its competitors found within a similar price class. For its display, the bezels are large, and with the competition sporting thin bezels, this is a unique surprise. This also means that the entire system’s footprint is of a similar nature as well.

However, it is happily modern when it comes to one dimension, and that is in terms of its thickness. For the chassis’ thickness, or should we say thinness, it only measures approximately four-tenths of an inch. This immediately makes it thinner than most, even when compared to the already slim HP Spectre. With its thinness, it also means that the entire notebook is quite light as it only weight 2.5-pounds.

It also makes the most out of its 1080p display. Even though the competition might be sporting a QHD resolution screen (or perhaps even higher), the Swift 7 doesn’t mind that as it ditches higher resolution for a more respectable imaging performance. It only has a respectable 165-pixel-per-inch pixel density, which means that it’s not the sharpest in the bunch. Still, it is able to deliver sharp images despite the low pixel density count.

But despite some shortcomings, the Acer Swift 7 is easily one of the best laptops to-date. It is highly attractive, and it is not that heavy so it won’t bog your backpack down when carrying it around town. Furthermore, the overall performance is equivalent to that of its price, so you can do a bunch of tasks with it, even though the display is just “okay.”


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Acer Swift 7 Review – Going the Distance
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