Acer Swift 7 Review – The Thinnest Yet

A lot of people know that “thin is in” when it comes to various forms of tech, and the Acer Swift 7 definitely shows that. In fact, it might even be the thinnest in the market to-date! This is the first laptop that’s just under a centimeter for its thickness (if you can call it “thickness”). Aside from its jaw-dropping slim architecture for a laptop, it even delivers an overall great design and a more than average-sized trackpad. Performance-wise, it is pretty good, but the display could do better.

Acer Swift 7 Review - The Thinnest Yet

The Acer Swift 7 is a Beauty to Behold

There are many laptop manufacturers who are trying to best out the Apple MacBook in both design and performance, and the Acer Swift 7 could probably excel in the former. As mentioned earlier, this is the first laptop that has gone under the 1-centimeter thick mark. One look at it and you will immediately find out about its deliciously sleek looks. It is also a very tempting option if you’re out in the market looking for a very portable computing device.

So how slim is the Swift 7 exactly? It has a “thickness” that measures in at 9.98-millimeters at the rear end. This slim architecture is then met with a luxurious black-and-gold design that contrasts majestically. The build quality and materials used scream “premium” in just about every which way you look at it.

Aside from its thickness, it offers a 14-inch 1080p display that does stand out as well. Even though it is only just Full HD screen, it is still a brilliantly performing IPS panel. Therefore, it gives off great viewing angles, both horizontal and vertical.

The display’s performance is above average, and the color saturation is pretty decent as it has just the right amount of saturation in them. The colors are bold and vibrant enough, but they’re not too out there. The Corning’s Gorilla Glass makes for a nice addition as well, as it means that the laptop will be able to brush off bumps, scratches, and even drops.

However, the bezel found around the screen of the Acer Swift 7 is a bit on the chunky side, which does do away with the overall slim design, but just by a bit. Furthermore, the entire device only weighs 1.1-kilograms, which means that you can bring it along practically wherever you’d go and you won’t be bothered by the weight. Powered by a 7th Generation Core i-series processor, and you will even be able to play Overwatch at Full HD without a hitch. Ultimately, Acer has done a pretty good job by making this laptop, and for many who don’t mind spending quite a bit on it will know that it is a great device to have.


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