Acer Switch Alpha 12 Review – Liquid Cooling Bliss

When the Acer Switch Alpha 12 was launched, it hopes to be the device that will take the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 down its throne. When Acer announced it, the company stated that it would be the first ever fanless hybrid device. Also, it comes with high-power Intel Core I processors. Just with these factors, it surely impresses, especially when taking note that it no longer uses a fan but a liquid cooling system to lower down core temperatures within the unit.

Acer Switch Alpha 12 Review - Liquid Cooling Bliss

The Acer Switch Alpha 12 Uses Liquid Cooling Technology Instead of Fans

Quite unusually, however, the liquid cooler in the Acer Switch Alpha 12 does not have any moving parts. The coolant inside the machine is pushed around the system by the heat that the processor emanates. This essentially makes the system self-contained. Whenever the liquid gets hot, it will then vaporize which would then increase pressure within the loop as it cools off when it is far away enough from the processor.

This technology is called LiquidLoop by Acer. However, there’s also a similar cooling technology found inside some of Samsung’s smartphones. Another bonus of having the technology in the hybrid device is that you would be assured of silent operations. Even if the tablet portion is 9.5-millimeters thick, it doesn’t cause any form factor issues.

Aside from its LiquidLoop technology, the Switch Alpha 12 is placed in a competitive price point and it is even close to some of its competitors such as the Samsung TabPro S. It also makes it a direct rival to the Huawei MateBook. What you’re going to get at its starting price is a 12-inch display with a keyboard. Therefore, it’s a complete laptop right out of the box, which is great news considering the likes of Apple’s hybrid device requires customers to purchase the keyboard as a separate accessory.

For the keyboard, it has a 1.4-millimeter actuation. This means that keypresses will produce instant results and are quite responsive. Unlike what can be experienced with the MateBook or the TabPro S, the keyboard on Acer’s device is actually quite pleasant to type on.

When talking about hardware specifications, the Acer Switch Alpha 12 is being offered differently by retailer and region. Still, interested buyers should expect the base model to get a Core i3 processor, along with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Acer also released accessories for their liquid-cooled hybrid device such as a stylus, but these are sold separately.


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