Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar Review – Superb Value for Money

The Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar is that of a subwoofer/soundbar combo that promises to restore, or even enhance the sonic excitement that you get when viewing your favorite TV shows or movies on your television set. Perhaps the best part about it is that you can achieve such a goal without having to break the bank. This is the third-generation soundbar from the hugely popular Aego range. Even with the past generations, the product line is known to give top-notch audio quality while letting interested buyers maintain a healthy spending allowance.

Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar Review - Superb Value for Money

The Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar Offers Great Audio for the Right Price

Opening the box, you will get the Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar that has a compact design as it measures in at just 500-millimeters for its width. There’s also the aforementioned subwoofer that’s included in the package, and it is also the brains and brawn of the entire operation. The subwoofer houses all of the unit’s connections, as well as it supplies the 65W of amplification. The passive soundbar will connect to the soundbar with the use of an RCA analogue cable (which is also supplied in the standard packaging). This enables users to cut down on the amount of ugly wiring found on the TV.

Its compact design takes up very little space when placing it in front of the TV, which is a great benefit for those who are looking to boost their TVs sonic performance when desk real-estate is already limited. It has a solid aluminum alloy body, which is not only rigid but also stable. It also delivers a striking visual contrast to its black hole-punch grille. The unit has rounded edges, as well as rubber end panels, that do make for nice touches.

Aside from its compact design, it looks very minimalistic as well. This is because of the complete absence of buttons or lights on the soundbar. Everything can be found on the subwoofer, and the only visible detail found on the soundbar is the Acoustic Energy logo. While the design choice for the Aego Sound3ar is fairly new, it is still welcoming nonetheless.

Even though the Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar is located in a relatively low price point, it defies its budget-friendly class with its excellent audio performance. The vital aspect to its success is its ability to generate a larger sound despite its rather diminutive dimensions. For instance, when you play monster movies such as Godzilla, you will be mistaken that the shakes and rumbles are coming from just outside your room rather than the soundbar/subwoofer combo. Ultimately, and for what it’s worth, this is the unit to get if you want to improve your TV’s sonic performance while maintaining a budget.


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