Adobe Lightroom – Android and iOS App Updated

For the serious mobile photographers out there, you would, of course, need a serious application like Adobe Lightroom. The popular desktop photo-editing program can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, and it has already been used by professional and enthusiast photographers everywhere. It has long been the backbone of many photo-editing tasks in desktop and in mobile. Just recently, it has received an update that has taken its already impressive capabilities up a few notches. It should be noted that there are several versions of this update: one is Lightroom for iOS 2.4, which is for the iPhone and a variant optimized for the iPad, and for Lightroom for Android 2.1.

Adobe Lightroom - Android and iOS App Updated

Adobe Lightroom Receives Update Variants for iOS and Android

For the update for Adobe Lightroom iOS 2.4, there are two vital updates to note. The first one being a support for RAW images. With the use of your iPhone or your iPad, the app now entitles users to make use of the ability to open and edit RAW files straight from your camera to the mobile device. You can then save the finish product as a JPEG, or directly share it to an array of social media destinations.

The next update is that mobile users will now be able to finely adjust image properties, such as shadows, highlights, and white balance. All of these edits are now done locally on the device while being seamlessly synchronized towards other connected devices that use the same Adobe account.

Another vital update to Lightroom for iOS 2.4 is the ability to apply image edits over precise areas within the photo. In the desktop version, these are called local adjustments. Now, there is a linear selection tool and a radial version of the same tool. Hence, you can now apply specific photo adjustments to certain parts of the image.

For the Adobe Lightroom app for Android 2.1, it now brings Pro mode. In Pro mode, users will be able to make use of the mobile device’s camera’s capabilities. Now, it has the ability to manually adjust the shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and even choose the main point of focus. The update even adds a new Lightroom Camera widget found on the home screen of your device for a quicker access to the feature. Both Lightroom apps for Android and iOS can now be downloaded and installed via Google Play and the App Store.


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Adobe Lightroom – Android and iOS App Updated
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