Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems Review

Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems Review

Comfort is an important aspect of our daily lives. Airhawk has innovated the solution and revolution in pillow seating systems. Airhawk is a quality proven industry leader in comfort, with products ranging all the way from the heart throbbing thrill of riding on your cruiser to the deep sleep you will enjoy from using Airhawk pillows.

Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems

Airhawk is a ROHO acquired company which has been leading force in Shape Fitting Technology since 1973 and has used its products in medical applications such as wheelchair use; thereby saving the lives of disabled persons who are at risk of potentially fatal pressure ulcers as a result of improper seating systems. The key to this revolution is in Airhawks Dry Flotation Technology which imitates the calming properties of water by allowing the surface to conform to your body just like water does. The air cells move with your bodies tissues rather than drag against them.

Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems - Air Flow Distribution

Dry flotation technology essentially creates flotation without the use of water and thereby Airhawk technology improves blood flow by not creating pressure on your body. By equalizing the force of your body through an evenly distributed surface area, your circulation and blood flow is therefore improved drastically. Pillows from Airhawk also come to your aid while you are asleep as it can automatically adjust to your sleeping position to accommodate you for optimal comfort. The dry flotation seating system includes four key properties: Six degrees of freedom, low surface tension, constant restoring forces, low friction and shear.

The six degrees of rotation part of this technology allows each cell to move independently and freely. Low surface tension lets you sink into your Airhawk cushion without damaging and deforming tissue. Constant restoring forces allows for the dispersion of pressure at equal points all around. Lastly the low friction and shear environment allows you to have freedom of motion on your seating system without friction or shear.

Whether it’s lying in bed or feeling the brisk fresh air against your face on your cruiser; comfort seating systems by Airhawk is essential and the ultimate solution for comfort.


Where to buy Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems online.

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Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems Review
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