Alienware 13 (OLED) Review – A 13-Inch Gaming Marvel

There are gaming laptops that tend to be too large to be deemed as portable, but the Alienware 13 (OLED) does away with that notion. This 13-inch laptop has top-of-the-line specs powering it to give you that gaming edge you need for when you want to play various titles. Furthermore, it is portable enough that you would not mind bringing it to a friend’s house or when you’re about to go to a LAN party. But its main selling point is that of its OLED display, which looks absolutely amazing. It is able to deliver super-bright images with extreme clarity, and this type of technology is mostly found on TVs.

Alienware 13 (OLED) Review - A 13-Inch Gaming Marvel

The Alienware 13 (OLED) has a Display That is Most Commonly Found in TVs

Just like large OLED TVs, the Alienware 13 (OLED) promotes a similar effect to its panel. It will give you a pretty stunning OLED performance as it gives you bright color while giving deep, nearly invisible blacks. If you already have a TV that already has OLED technology embedded into it, then you would be hard-pressed in looking for a laptop with the same type of tech in it (especially since buying both devices can break bank accounts). But if you have the cash and would want your pieces of technology to give you that eye-stunningly gorgeous display performance, then you wouldn’t mind spending all those cash for a TV and a gaming laptop with OLED tech.

As for its other components, the Alienware 13 (OLED) Gaming Laptop is powered by a U-series low-voltage Intel Core i7 CPU, and for the graphics it is powered by the Nvidia GeForce 965M GPU. With these hardware specifications, it is immediately placed as a mainstream gaming machine. Therefore, you will be able to play the newer games on a medium setting rather than ultra on the machine’s 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution screen.

Even though this is a high-end model, the Alienware 13 (OLED) is reasonably priced, especially when you take into account the hardware and software offerings you can take advantage of for the entire package. Furthermore, just like with every other laptop made by Alienware as of late, this machine has a programmable backlit keyboard that offers plenty of color customization options. Furthermore, the keyboard keys are closely spaced which makes it feel like a traditional gaming desktop keyboard rather than your usual island-type setting of the conventional laptop.


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