Alienware 17 Review – Redesigned From the Inside Out

There was a time when Nvidia’s latest generation of Pascal graphics processing units came into the laptop seen, and ever since then, there has been a flurry of portable computing devices that have been going with the trend, but even though there is the new hardware to be excited about, there is still nothing that boasts itself to be “truly new,” well, that is until the Alienware 17 came into the scene. This laptop is the first portable rig designed by the company known for creating high-powered computers that specifically unleash the true nature of Nvidia’s new 10 series GPUs for notebooks. It is clear right from the point that you turn on the laptop that Alienware pulled out all the stops to completely revamp their line of 17-inch gaming notebooks. The redesign includes an all-new look for the chassis, a re-engineered cooling system, as well as some newly added Tobii eye-tracking tool.

Alienware 17 Review - Redesigned From the Inside Out

The Alienware 17 Unleashes the Full Potential of Nvidia’s GPUs

While there are many gaming laptops that sport a big and hefty architecture, the Alienware 17 does not go about that path as it sports a thinner design among many others. In fact, it takes a dynamic step towards slimness. In order to get how the laptop looks, Alienware deliberately redesigned the machine’s cooling system. While heatsinks that reside underneath the keyboard area, the company has shifted the placement of those elements into the rear of the machine, right behind the hinge.

To add to the newfound thinness comes a flatter and sharper design for the Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop. To recall, there have been a lot of round corners with the company’s devices since 2013, but they have now been replaced with sharper angles.

It doesn’t mean that the new thinner look promotes every advantage out there. Because of its new slim architecture, the laptop is a bit longer from the front to back end. Hence, the square notebook might not easily fit in many backpacks, even those that were originally designed for 17-inch laptops.

When it comes to its hardware offerings, the parts are just as new as the features found on the outside of the Alienware 17. It comes with all new components, including the Nvidia GTX 1060 and 1070. The 1080 GPU variants will be arriving into the scene come November 2016. Furthermore, it also packs in AMD’s Polaris graphics that have debuted on the Alienware 15. Users will also be able to take advantage of up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and 3TB SSD. Ultimately, this laptops leaves nothing that is the same when compared with previous models, well, except for the trackpad.


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