Alpha 2 – Enter the Humanoid Robot for the Family

If you’re wondering where the robots are even though we’re now living in the 21st century, then you might not have heard of the Alpha 2 just yet. Created by the great minds in UBTECH, this robot (that does seemingly look like a child’s toy at first glance) can do more than just make your child happy. It has a wealth of features under its wing, and it can be a nurse, a personal assistant, a way to secure your home, a housekeeper, and even a weatherman. It can even tell jokes if you want it to.

Alpha 2 - Enter the Humanoid Robot for the Family

The Alpha 2 Can Do More Than Just Make Your Child Happy

The Alpha 2 has already gathered a bunch of praise from many individuals because of what it can do. According to Andrew Tarantola of Engadget, he says it “Isn’t just nimble, but quite smart as well.” Andy Boxall from Digital Trends also says that “this friendly little robot will read stories to your kids, and teach you yoga.” Now upon reading these statements, these can sometimes be too farfetched for a robot of its size to do. But do know that it can do these things, and even more.

So what can do the Alpha 2 Robot do, exactly? To start, it can be your personal tutor and interpreter through its own conversation skills, and it can even be your own housekeeper as it lets household members to be in the know with reminders and alarm services. So if you want to be reminded that you have to take out the chicken roasting in the oven after 30-minutes, then you can with this particular robot. You might be thinking that you can already use your smartphone to do such a thing, but do take note that your handset could not personally teach you yoga poses.

Speaking of yoga poses, you might already be wondering how can this robot do that? It can do so by replicating human motion with its 20-joints. While it might not be much when you compare it to what the human structure can do, but it is certainly just enough for a cute little humanoid robot can do.

To make the Alpha 2 work, all you have to do is to connect it to a home Wi-Fi network, and initially teach it to recognize the faces and voices of household members. Once that is done, you can start by learning the things that you can ask it with. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tell it to write that essay that you need to pass on Monday.


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Alpha 2 – Enter the Humanoid Robot for the Family
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