Alpha Watch Nike+ Review – Styling That’s Worth the Price

The Alpha Watch Nike+ is clearly for the more serious fitness-centric individual. The design alone screams that it should be worn for those who are into fitness and health. But at its core, this smartwatch is practically an Apple Watch Series 2. So what’s the difference? It is now wrapped in the cool stylings of Nike. Furthermore, those who acquire this smartwatch will be getting exclusive watch faces. However, its features are still a bit too basic for the dedicated fitness-centric individual. Hard-core athletes might even want to look somewhere else for a more dedicated tracker. Still, this is a solid choice for casual runners, especially those who prefer an Apple Watch that can deliver a sportier look.

Alpha Watch Nike+ Review - Styling That's Worth the Price

Hard-Core Athletes Might Want to Shy Away From the Alpha Watch Nike+

One look at the Alpha Watch Nike+ and you would immediately notice the most obvious difference between this smartwatch and the Apple Watch Series 2 – the strap. Albeit it is still made out of the same strong elastomer silicone that can be found on Apple’s Sport band. However, this time around, there are a bunch of perforations that gives your wrist more ventilation, so that sweat doesn’t accumulate as much in that area.

Still on the strap, it does come in different color combinations, and you can choose from one of the following: Black/Cool Gray, Flat Silver/Volt, Space Gray/Volt, Black/Volt (neon yellow), and Flat Silver/White. The watch delivers a rather unique yet sportier look than many activity trackers on the market. Fans of Nike, as well as those who are fans of the Apple Watch Series 2 that wants a sportier-looking smartwatch might want to consider this model.

On the software side of things, the Nike+ watch  does come with the Nike+ Run Club already built into it, along with the exclusive watch faces that was mentioned earlier. As for the default watch face, you will notice that it has Nike’s signature font on it.

The Alpha Watch Nike+ and the Apple Watch Series 2 both share the same hardware specifics, so there’s nothing practically new to say about it. What is missing here, however, is a continuous heart-rate monitor. Therefore, runners and triathletes might want to consider other fitness trackers that have features that are more dedicated towards their activities of choice. Furthermore, since this is practically a Series 2 watch, then note that this is by no means a low-cost option. The expensive price tag, plus the lack of certain features, might make it quite difficult to recommend to certain individuals.


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Alpha Watch Nike+ Review – Styling That’s Worth the Price
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