Amazon – Alexa Goes Into a Tablet for the First Time

It would seem that the world is currently focused on the announcement of the new iPhone smartphones, or if you’re more focused on the gaming industry, then you’re tuning into the recent announcements brought about by Sony with regards to its new PlayStation 4 models; but for the rest of the world, there’s also the announcement from Amazon, more particularly that of its Alexa smart assistant as it goes into a tablet for the very first time.

Amazon - Alexa Goes Into a Tablet for the First Time

Amazon Alexa Finally Goes Into the Mobile Realm

Amazon has finally placed Alexa into the mobile sector, and although this might be a cause for excitement for some, the announcement comes with a whimper rather than a loud roar. The company known for being a massive online retailer has a known digital assistant, and said assistant is now on fire… quite literally, in fact. As of late, there are quite a few tech manufacturers that are jumping into the Alexa bandwagon, and there are now devices that can be controlled with the use of the Echo speakers and Fire TV products.

However, there was a time when you could not see the Amazon Alexa on any phone or tablet, until now. Just recently, the company announced the Fire HD 8 tablet, that replaces the original Fire HD 8 tablet. While the previous statement might confuse some, the primary difference between the old and newer models is that the more recently produced variant has Alexa in it.

Aside from now having the smart assistant embedded into the tablet, the company also doubles the RAM as the tablet jumps from 16GB worth of storage to 32GB. While doubling the amount of internal storage does seem like a pretty good move, 32GB is not a storage capacity that you can actually call large as of late, especially with large files and apps taking over your storage space like there’s no tomorrow. Furthermore, the company announced that they’ve beefed up the battery and it says that the tablet should last for up to 12-hours of use with a single full-charge.

With the beefier battery, introduction of Alexa, and increase in storage, does Amazon have what it takes to bring back the slumping tablet sector back in the limelight? With such an update, that achievement is still a far-fetched dream. However, should the company plan on putting Alexa on a smartphone, then that’s an entirely different story to consider.


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