Amazon Alexa – Maybe Coming to the PC Soon

The Amazon Alexa might be leaving the smart speaker department and into your own computer soon. As per a report from CNET, Lenovo has been with meetings with Amazon in order to discuss the possible integration of Alexa into personal computers. Furthermore, it’s not just with PCs that the integration of the smart assistant is planned as other devices from the Chinese technology company manufactures plans to have it as well. The publication states that it sourced the information from an executive coming from Lenovo who has knowledge about these meetings.

Amazon Alexa - May be Coming to the PC Soon

Amazon Alexa is Planned to Integrate Itself to Lenovo Devices

There are some who comment about the integration of Amazon Alexa into Lenovo’s device would be a big distribution deal for the smart assistant should both companies agree on pushing through with the project. Furthermore, it would be one of the first times wherein Amazon would agree to license its homegrown application towards a tech manufacturer.

It should be noted, however, that the talks between Lenovo and Amazon with regards to the integration of the Alexa assistant is still within their early phases. As such, we might not be seeing the project turn into an absolute reality any time soon. Moreover, Cortana should not be ruled out of the equation as Microsoft’s own smart assistant is already deeply embedded into the Windows system. Moreover still, you should not also rule out Google’s own voice assistant for the Android platform. Hence, it is still a wonder as to how Lenovo will be able to achieve to use Alexa within a PC environment, if ever it does proceed with such plans.

The Lenovo executive tells the following to CNET: “We consider things all the time and we’ve looked into it, but there’s nothing on the roadmap.” Nevertheless, Alexa has already been established as a strong foothold that is placed within the smart speaker market. To recall, back in April of this year, the research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, or CIRP, estimated that Amazon has already sold more than 3-million Echo devices since its introduction back in late 2014. One-third of the total sales from that report came from the 2015 holiday season.

With the use of Amazon Alexa, users are able to play songs, manage smart devices found in homes such as lights and thermostats, order food from partnered restaurants, open up a book or an articles, check your bank account, or even call for an Uber ride.


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