Amazon – Ask Alexa What’s Trending on Twitter

Amazon has been using their thinking caps to good use as Alexa, the company’s smart assistant, becomes more capable. It has now learned a new skill which is dubbed the Twitter Reader, and it will let users to know what’s trending on the popular social media platform. Owners of the Echo speaker, or any other device that supports Alexa, can now ask the artificial intelligence what’s up on Twitter, or even the items that are found within the owner’s personal accounts.

Amazon - Ask Alexa What's Trending on Twitter

Amazon Alexa Integrates Itself With Twitter With the Use of Supported Devices

This update to Amazon Alexa-supported devices was, needless to say, was announced by Twitter with the use of a tweet. In said tweet, it informs everyone with the device that they can just ask Alexa for important updates that are happening around the social media portal. The Twitter tweet reads the following: “New on Amazon Alexa! Use the Twitter Reader skill to hear trends, top Tweets, notifications & more! Just #AskAlexa.” The post comes with a photo and was posted by the social media portal back on the 9th of September.

But before Amazon Alexa users can get in on with the latest update, you would have to first authenticate your Twitter accounts. Once everything has been set up nicely, you can then get started in using the new feature just by saying, “Alexa, open Twitter.” Still, it is not as easy as it seems as there is a bit of a learning curve to it. First of all, users would have to memorize a couple of voice commands in order to make the most out of controlling the smart assistant with regards to Twitter. Still, it won’t take much and it certainly doesn’t require you to learn rocket science. Basically, the formula for asking Alexa goes like this: “Alexa, ask Twitter…”

Some examples include “Alexa, ask Twitter for my Mentions,” or “Alexa, ask Twitter has anyone retweeted me?,” or “Alexa, ask Twitter for my own tweets,” or “Alexa, ask Twitter for what is happening,” or even “Alexa, ask Twitter for trends in (location).”

To put it simply, those who own Amazon Alexa-supported devices would now be able to have an easier time in staying on top of trends within Twitter. You would be able to know the latest scoops and goings-on without even having to reach for your smartphone or computer. There are also other updates that go with the patch which makes the smart assistant more useful than ever before.


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Amazon – Ask Alexa What’s Trending on Twitter
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