Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Review – Get Ready for an Upgrade

Even though the original Amazon Echo Dot was already a near excellent device, the 2nd generation of that unit has arrived into the market. What makes it an astonishment is that this newer model as successful as its predecessor. It is because it has sold out quicker than even what the online retail giant had anticipated.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Review - Get Ready for an Upgrade

The Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is Just as Smart as Before, Even Smarter

The 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is still mainly powered by Alexa, and for those who still do not have any idea what that is, it is Amazon’s cloud-connected, voice-activated virtual assistant. In other words, she’s Amazon’s Siri. In order to activate its voice command features, you would have to say either “Amazon” or “Echo.” The device has an array of microphones in which is always listening, and if it catches a glimpse of these two aforementioned words, then it will now be ready to deliver what is commanded of it, unless you want it to make you a sandwich then that’s not going to be possible.

What you can ask of the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is to give you live updates on weather, traffic, your Twitter feed, and even get you an Uber ride. For starters, you can even ask it to stream music from different streaming services, which are Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Pandora. It can even play podcasts from Tunein or iHeartRadio. The device can also be your personal kitchen assistant, but instead of helping you cut up ingredients, it can assist you as a timer for your food. The device, when calling upon Alexa, is quite responsive as all you need to do is ask and it will deliver.

On top of its great compact nature (to assure that you can place it practically anywhere inside your home), it should be noted that Alexa is getting smarter by the day thanks to an increasingly robust market of third-party voice applications, which are dubbed “skills.” At the time of writing, there are already 3,000 of those aforementioned apps, and are growing by the day. Each one of those applications will teach Alexa a new trick, which you can easily take advantage of with the Echo Dot.

So is the 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot the perfect virtual assistant to have inside your own home? Well, still not quite, but it’s almost excellent. It still cannot offer audio that will sync across multiple devices found in different rooms. But aside from that, you can ask it a ton of things, but it’s still not going to tell you if your crush likes you or not.


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