Amps Air Review – Great Audio, Bad Battery Life

Perhaps it can be safe to say that ever since the rumor started to spread about Apple ditching the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, in which eventually became a reality, there are many headphone and earphone manufacturers that are opting to go the wireless route, and with that being said, the Amps Air comes into the market. This is a truly wireless pair of earphones, which means there are no cables of any kind to be found here. What it does offer is a solid sound quality, which is already a plus since there are some truly wireless earphones out there that have audio performances that sound like a person try to speak while holding a bag over their mouths. Furthermore, the design is beautifully quaint, which means they don’t look like a pair of lightning rods jutting out of your ears.

Amps Air Review - Great Audio, Bad Battery Life

The Amps Air Look and Sound Good

Just like any other truly wireless earphones, the Amps Air share the same design philosophy of most – being as compact as possible. They even come with a separate power case that also acts as a protective dock and a battery pack.

Speaking of this extra battery pack, it has a 2,200mAh battery within it, which can help in adding extra battery life to the Air. However, it is also within this department that this pair of earphones fall short of the competition. Battery life is unsuitably low, which means you would only get a few hours out of listening to your favorite tracks before you would need them to be charged once more. Furthermore, the battery life shortens even further if you’re fond of listening at top, unwise volume levels.

But even though you won’t get much out of the battery, the Amps Air does provide an above-average performance in the sound department. It should be noted that wireless headphones are known to compromise sound quality because of them being wireless. This is especially the case when it comes to truly wireless pairs. Surprisingly, this particular pair of truly wireless earbuds offer a pretty decent audio quality, even when you’re looking at it through wireless standards. In fact, these can handle a wide variety of genres, and they will sound really good. With these quality, you might even classify it as one of the best truly wireless earbuds you will ever use. But then again, you’re only going to use them at about 3-hours at a time, because after that, you will need to recharge them again.


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Amps Air Review – Great Audio, Bad Battery Life
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