Android – How to Attain More Storage Space

The iPhone is not the only smartphone on the planet that might have some problems with regards to storage space as there are a lot of Android phones on the market that might have a similar, or perhaps even the exact same problem. Should your handset or tablet be running low on storage that you can no longer add more apps, videos, photos, music, or other files, then there are some ways to go about it. Interested? Read on.

Android - How to Attain More Storage Space

Get More Storage Space for Your Android Device

Step 1 – The easiest way in order to add more storage space for your Android device is to purchase a microSD card. There are a lot of smartphones that have microSD card slots wherein you can just plug in the card and you will immediately have more storage to enjoy. But the question is, what if the phone or tablet does not have a microSD card slot? Should your device does not natively support microSD, then it is easy to just attach one with the use of an ad-hoc basis using a microSD card reader. The peripheral will be connected to your phone or tablet with the use of the micro-USB port.

Step 2 – If you’re already using a microSD card on your Android smartphone or tablet, and you’re still running out of storage space, then perhaps one solution you can tinker around with is to deleted unwanted or unused apps, as well as deleting the app cache for certain apps. If you’ve got a bunch of camera apps in your device but only use one, then just delete the rest as they just take up space. Furthermore, deleting the cache on some apps might make them work slower by just a teeny tiny bit, it will assist you in getting more space for your gadget.

Step 3 – Technology has been really good, especially for Android as we are now able to just send our files over to the Internet by way of using the cloud so we would not be bothered by making extra purchases just to get more storage space for our devices. What does this mean? It means that by using certain services such as Dropbox or Google Drive that we are able to send our files into our personal cloud space to free up storage space on our devices. Should you need them once more, then you can just access your personal account from these services and download them. It’s that easy.


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Android – How to Attain More Storage Space
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