Android – How to Block Ads

Have you ever experienced going through apps or when you’re surfing around the Internet using your Android device and your time looking at cute kitty pictures is often disturbed by pop-up ads? For the business that put up the ad, it does promote for a money-making tactic. However, when looking at it in the eyes of the user, then it can be a downright annoyance. Luckily, there is a way wherein you can block those ads from disturbing your online mobile experience.

Android - How to Block Ads

How to Block Ads on Your Android Device

Getting pop-up advertisements on your Android device can be very annoying. Furthermore, some of these ads can download heavy web pages. Therefore, if you’re using a mobile data plan with a connection with a cap, then those adverts will take up a lot of your precious data allocation.

In order to have a now fuss web-browsing experience on your Android device, it is advised to download and install the Opera Browser. This can be downloaded free-of-charge from Google Play. Why is this browser of importance to the topic? Because it comes with its very own ad-blocker.

What comes next after downloading and installing the Opera browser is pretty much straightforward. Just open up the browser, then click on the three dots menu icon that can be seen on the top righthand corner of your screen. Then from there, choose Settings from the list then select Advanced afterwards. Once you’re in the Advanced Settings menu, ensure that the “Block pop-ups” feature is enabled. Once it is, then you won’t be worried about ever seeing a pop-up ad on your browsing experience ever again. Well, that is if you move to another browser to use then those advertisements will make a grand return.

But what if you want to use other browsers like Google Chrome and would want a similar ad-free experience? You can achieve a similar result when using the Chrome browser. To do this, open up Google’s mobile browser then hit the three dots menu icon found at the top righthand corner of your display. Once again, scroll down and select the Settings item in the menu. Then go down and select Site Settings, and then Pop-ups.

Once you tap on that option on your Android mobile device, By default, the pop-up advertisements will be blocked automatically and the option will read “Pop-ups Block.” While in the Chrome browser, you can also activate the Data Saver mode so that websites will consume even less data, which is a great way if you’re constantly on the go and using your mobile Internet data allocation to surf the Internet.


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Android – How to Block Ads
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