Android – How to Change Contact Pictures

Whenever you add a new contact on your Android device, it will give you the generic icon as its contact picture. While there are those that pay no heed to this, there are some who would want to change the contact pictures found on their smartphones. Read on to know how you can change these images into practically any photo you like.

Android - How to Change Contact Pictures

Changing the Contact Pictures in Your Android Smartphone

Step 1 – Before anything else, do note that the process is slightly different among Android phone manufacturers. After all, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and other mobile phone manufacturers have their own way of presenting their designs, especially when the dialer is concerned. The following steps might look different depending on the model of your phone, but the good thing is that it is quite easy to figure out what to do once you get started with it.

Step 2 – Right after knowing where to go, then you would have to open the dialer (or otherwise known as the Phone app for some). From there, just locate the contact that you would like to change the photo. From here on, this is where the part wherein things might differ depending on your handset.

Step 3 – For most phones, you would just have to tap the picture itself in order to open the contact card on the Android smartphone. The primary exemption here is within the Favorites list found on Samsung and other Stock Android handsets. Why? Because tapping the image will call the contact. For Samsung smartphones, you would have to tap on the tiny “i,” or the three-dot overflow menu found on stock mobile phones.

Step 4 – Once inside the contact card page, just tap on the “Edit” button (for others it might just be a pencil icon). In the new menu, you can edit just about every bit of information you want for your contact. But we’re not here for other information as we’re here to change the contact’s photo. In that regard, changing the contact’s image is quite easy. Just tap on the photo icon and it will prompt you to either take a photo or select one from the device’s gallery.

Step 5 – After you’ve selected the photo for the contact found in your Android device, you will then be able to crop the image to your liking. Once saved, it will then show up in the contact’s card.


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Android – How to Change Contact Pictures
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