Android – How to Change Your Default Keyboard

For many, the default Android keyboard is their go-to keyboard for typing up things on their Android-powered device. But there are those who would want to change that with a third-party keyboard. Selecting one is a fairly simple task, but it can be very difficult to decide as Google Play is littered with keyboards for you to choose from. But before we get to which keyboard to download and install, learning about how to change the default keyboard comes first.

Android - How to Change Your Default Keyboard

Changing the Default Keyboard on Your Android Device

Step 1 – In order to change the default keyboard on your Android device, go into your Settings menu, then scroll down towards Language & input, and then tap on the Current Keyboard. It will then lead you to a new pop-up window. Within this new window, you will then be offered a choice to change your device’s default keyboard. However, if your smartphone does not have another keyboard installed, then the option might be grayed out.

Step 2 – But if you do have another Android keyboard installed in your device, and you do not see it within the Default Keyboard pop-up, then tap the option once more, and then tap on the Configure input methods. Once you’re here, toggle your newly installed keyboard and it should now be placed within the list of keyboard inputs.

Step 3 – So which keyboard should you download and install for your device? Well, when you head on to Google Play and type in “Keyboard” on the search bar, you will be presented by perhaps hundreds of results. But of course, you don’t have to download and test them out each one. Take the Google Keyboard as a prime example; since it has been released, it has become a prime favorite for many since it offers a sleeker, and softer design than the stock keyboard your device has. Furthermore, it even has some neat features in-store such as gesture typing, which allows you to swipe across the keyboard instead of tapping on the keys to write your messages.

Step 4 – If you’re not a big fan of the Google Keyboard for Android, then perhaps you want some other option, such as Fleksy. With Fleksy, it also offers a sleeker and more stylish design, but the difference here is that you can customize the entire look of the keyboard with a bunch of themes. There’s even a theme that will automatically change the color of the keyboard depending on what app you’re using.


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Android – How to Change Your Default Keyboard
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