Android – How to Crop and Edit Photos

If you like to take pictures with your Android phone, then chances are you will get some photos wherein you want to crop and edit them prior to sharing it into your many social media accounts. With the advent of smartphones, taking pictures and sending them over to the Internet is now easy as compared to about a decade before. For Google’s mobile operating system, there are a lot of pretty decent editing options available. In fact, every since the Lollipop version of Android went live, you should be able to use the Google Photos app with its full set of features, as long as your phone supports the mobile operating system. If you can, then read on so that you can crop and edit photos without having to download a third-party app.

Android - How to Crop and Edit Photos

Cropping and Editing Photos Using the Google Photos App in Android

Step 1 – Start by opening your Photos app in your Android device. Once in there, select the photo that you want to crop and edit. Tap on it and you will be brought to the full view of your photo. Next, tap on the pencil icon found at the lower portion of the screen to start editing your photo. All of the controls will now be displayed at the bottom of your screen. There are a lot of editing options to choose from, such as a magic wand tool for the app to decide all the best color setting for your photo, and then there’s also a cropping tool.

Step 2 – Speaking of the cropping tool, If you want to digitally zoom in into your photo after it is already taken, then you just might want to crop the unpleasant items out. Tap on the crop tool and use it by dragging inward from the edges or the corners. Once you’re happy with, you can press the check mark on the screen to continue on with your Android smartphone editing tools.

Step 3 – If, by any chance, that you’re editing your photo in your Android handset and you decide that the image already looks better without any editing on it, simply tap on the “X” mark located at the upper-left portion of the screen. This will then take you back to the original image, without the edits. However, there will be a prompt before going back to the previous screen if you are sure about what you’re going to do.


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Android – How to Crop and Edit Photos
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