Android – How to Enable “Night Mode”

Many Android phones, and even other devices that have screens on them, produce blue spectrums of light. The color of these lights are known to be bad for your eyes, especially when you’re looking at them at night. This is then associated with poor sleeping habits. Thankfully, there is a way for you to enable “Night Mode” on your device so that you won’t suffer the eye strain (among other problems related to these blue spectrums of light) any longer.

Android - How to Enable "Night Mode"

Enabling “Night Mode” On your Android Device

Step 1 – Do take note that this feature is only available for Android Nougat devices only, unless you root your device or have a third-party app that allows you to do it. Furthermore, even on Google’s new mobile operating system, the feature is not readily visible on-sight. As a matter of fact, it was difficult to locate back in the beta version of the operating system, and it is a bit trickier to find in the final build. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be found. To start, you will need to enable the System UI Tuner. To enable this, pull down the notification shade twice, then do a long press on the icon until a small wrench appears right next tom it. This will indicate that the UI Tuner has been enabled.

Step 2 ­- Once the UI Tuner has been enabled, head on to Google Play to download and install the Night Mode Enabler app. Once it has finished installing properly into your Android N device, open it up and you will be greeted with one button that says “Enable Night Mode.” Hitting it should automatically open up a new menu within the System UI Tuner menu. Furthermore, it should sow a toast notification found at the bottom of the screen that will read “Yay, you should now have a quick toggle nor Night Mode available.”

Step 3 – Before you can add the easy toggle button, you can try and turn on Night Mode on your Android device. It is noted in the Google Play description for the app that if you’re having some kind of problem with the enabler, just the tap the word “On” found on the upper left of the menu within the System UI Tuner, and not the toggle that’s sitting beside it. What happens next is that the screen should automatically turn yellow. For an easier way to do this so that you don’t have to toggle it on and off all the time, all you have to do is toggle the “Turn on automatically” menu item on.


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Android – How to Enable “Night Mode”
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