Android – How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet

If you’re an Android tablet user, then you may be wondering how to extend the battery life of your device. Doing so will let your slate “live” a bit longer, especially when there’s no charging port or socket available within the immediate vicinity. While the batteries of modern-day mobile devices will allow us to make use of their many potentials, it is also somewhat an Achille’s heel of sorts. Why? It is because when the battery runs dry, you’re just left there in the cold (so to speak). But there are ways how to extend the usage for your tablet. Read on to learn how.

Android - How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet

Extending the Battery Life of Your Android Tablet

Step 1 – One of the main culprits as to why your Android tablet runs out of battery power so fast has got something to do with the background data. This means that even though the device is lying there on your bed, and it seems that it’s not doing anything except being a relatively pricey paperweight, it will still receive notifications from the various apps that you’ve installed on it. There are times when we don’t need these notifications, especially when you’re in front of the computer all day long. Therefore, and the answer does seem quite clear, in order to assist in extending the battery life of your device, you should turn off the notifications from your apps when you don’t need such a functionality.

But what if you don’t want to turn off the notifications from your various Android apps? After all, there are still many of us who want to stay connected with our friends and families from various social media portals at all times. Therefore, for Step 2 – if you don’t like turning the notifications off from your mobile applications, what you can do is to access the power control widget. This is very useful since it will allow you to easily disable, enable, or adjust five features for your device. These features are known to be general battery wasters, and these are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, background data sync, screen brightness, and GPS.

If you’re Android tablet has the Lollipop operating system or higher, then your device would most probably have a battery saver feature. Step 3 – Activating this would most likely reduce the gadget’s energy footprint even further. While in this battery-saving mode, it will disable animations, transparent effects, and also turn off background data sync (if it’s turned on). It will also limit vibration. With all of these turned off, the tablet should be able to eke a few more hours of operational time.


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Android – How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet
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