Android – How to Rearrange the Icons Found Under the Quick Settings Dropdown

When you swipe down twice on your Android device’s menu bar, it will give you a nice panel of quick settings that you can toggle on and off with just a simple tap. However, there are some settings that you might not want to have in there, and there are some that you might want to be in that functionality. What you can do is to hide or add icons, or even move them around. Do take note that this feature, at the time of writing, is only available for smartphones that have the Android Nougat operating system.

Android - How to Rearrange the Icons Found Under the Quick Settings Dropdown

Add, Remove, or Rearrange Icons in the Quick Settings Dropdown Menu in Your Android Device

Step 1 – The first thing to do is to give your Android device a tug to show the top of the Quick Settings panel and notifications. Pull it down once more and it will show the entire Quick Settings menu. Now, you will be able to see some useful icons in there, such as Wi-Fi connection, Cellular connection, Bluetooth, and Battery Life, among many other things. But what you would want at this time is to look at the bottom right corner of the Quick Settings pane, which is the Edit button.

Step 2 – Tapping on the Edit button will, unsurprisingly, open up the Quick Settings Edit menu. In here, you will be able to modify the menu as you wish. If you want to rearrange the buttons in the Quick Settings pane, just do a long-press on an icon and drag them around to wherever you want. Do take note that the Quick Notifications menu can be two pages long, at most, and each page can contain up to 9 icons each.

Step 3 – But what if you want to add or remove some icons found in the Quick Notifications menu in your Android N device? In order to add an icon, such as Weather or the Quick Settings Tile, make sure that these apps are properly installed and they should immediately appear in there. But if you want to remove them, hold the icon down and a bar will appear at the bottom that will say “Drag here to remove.” Simply speaking, just drag the icon there and it will be gone from the Quick Settings menu.

Rearranging, adding, or hiding icons in your Android device is not really that difficult. As a matter of fact, it is quite simple to do. This is a great way to reorganize the Quick Settings menu, if the default arrangement is not to your liking.


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Android – How to Rearrange the Icons Found Under the Quick Settings Dropdown
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