Android – How to Scan Documents to PDF Using the Camera

When you want to scan documents, you would want a dedicated machine to do that such as an honest-to-goodness scanner, or a multi-functional printer with such a feature, and certainly not an Android phone. But the thing is, you can use your smartphone’s camera to scan documents and immediately save them as PDFs. Using this can let you scan just about everything from receipts to recipes. All you need is your phone’s camera and the Google Drive application.

Android - How to Scan Documents to PDF Using the Camera

Scan Documents and Save Them to PDF With the Use of Your Android Phone

Step 1 – In order to start scanning documents with the use of your Android phone, open up the Google Drive app first. Then, navigate to the folder wherein you would want the scanned documents to be saved. Once you’re there, head to the bottom-right corner of the screen and there will be a floating blue button with a large plus sign on it. Tap on that and choose the “New” menu item. Once that has been tapped, tap the third option in the top row which is named as “Scan.”

Step 2 – Tapping Scan will enable the camera to open up on your Android smartphone. With this, you are now ready to start scanning your document. But before you start scanning, do make sure that you use a contrasting background, especially if you’re scanning a white document so that the camera will be able to pick up the items found in the document clearer. Furthermore, try to get a straight-over shot as much as possible. Also, there are times when the app might fail to pick up the items listed within the document, so be patient as it might take multiple tries.

Step 3 – Once you’ve scanned the document, it might take a few seconds to completely load. Once the preview loads, you can then crop, change the color palette, or use the overflow button to do some more editing with the document.

Step 4 – Aside from the editing tools, there are also three buttons that you can find at the bottom of the Android device’s screen while still in the Google Drive app. These are a plus sign, a “retake” button (so you don’t have to go back to square one again-and-again), and a check mark. The plus sign will allow you to add another page within the same file, whereas the check mark means that the file is good enough to be saved, if you so desire.


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Android – How to Scan Documents to PDF Using the Camera
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