Android – How to Set Default Apps

Mobile operating systems, specifically that of the Android OS, lets users download multiple applications that practically do the same thing, such as cameras, for example. Every time you open these apps, the software will prompt you which application you would want to use every-single-time. Well, at least before you set one of the apps to be the default one via the “always” action. There is a way to manage the default apps in your device. But there is a catch – the process is slightly different for each manufacturer.

Android - How to Set Default Apps

Managing the Default Apps on Your Android Device

Step 1 – Even though the process of setting up a default app on your Android device is slightly different for each manufacturer, the good news here is that they will all have the same starting point – Settings. Therefore, no matter if you have a Samsung, Huawei, or Sony mobile device, just hit on the cog icon to jump right in.

Step 2 – Once inside Settings, you will need to find the Apps section for your particular manufacturer. There are some who label the menu as Apps, whereas there are other who label it as Applications. Nevertheless, finding it is the next step.

Step 3 – From this point, things do tend to stray farther off depending on the Android smartphone manufacturer. For Stock Marshmallow operating systems, hitting the cog located at the top right corner, then choosing Default Apps will lead you to the application list. When you already have Android N, things change as there is no longer a Default Apps option. Instead, for Android N devices, everything can be managed inside the main app settings screen. For Samsung Galaxy devices, look for the Default applications portion of the menu found at the top. For those who have LG mobile units, tap the overflow button found at the top right corner, and then hit on the Configure apps option.

Step 4 – But once you do pass all that, from this point on, it is pretty much the same for each Android handset manufacturer. Majority of them should enable you to change the default launcher (Home), SMS, dialer, and other apps in particular. It should also be worth mentioning that whenever you install a new app into your device, that too can be set to default. But if you do want to revert to some other mobile application to become your new default app, just follow these steps once more in order to manage your apps.


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Android – How to Set Default Apps
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