Android – How to Trim and Cut Videos

For many, their camera is now their Android smartphone, because as the saying goes, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Taking stills and recording videos is now easier than it has ever been as compared to before. But there are times when you hit the camera app’s record button a wee bit too early, and you have extra seconds before the good stuff comes into play. If you want to easily trim and cut videos, then you can do that with the use of the free Google Photos app. If your phone doesn’t have it yet, you can head on to Google Play to download and install it.

Android - How to Trim and Cut Videos

Trimming and Cutting Videos With the Use of the Google Photos App for Android

Step 1 – Should this be the first time you’ve ever had to open the Google Photos app on your Android device, then you would have to first set up the Back Up & Sync option. It is toggled on by default. If you’re good with the details being presented to you, then just hit on “Done” in order to proceed.

Step 2 – Now that the first step is out of the way, you can go ahead and open and video you would like to trim on your Android smartphone. Once you play the video, tap on the pencil icon found at the bottom. You will then be brought to the edit menu, and it is quite easy to use. It will bring up a selection tool for trimming, as well as a button to rotate the orientation of the video. These two options are pretty much what you can do with editing your videos in the Google Photos app. Should you want more extensive options there are other apps available in Google Play that you can try out.

Step 3 – While still in Google Photos, just highlight the section of the video that you would like to keep then just tap on the “Save” button found on the top right. If you want to check out the selection of your video, then you can tap on the play button found at the center of the video to check it before the final trimming process is deemed complete.

Step 4 – After the video has been trimmed, it will automatically be saved into your Android device and it will be saved as a copy of the original. You don’t even have to rename the new file as it happens automatically.


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