Android – How to Update Your Smartphone or Tablet

In order to get the most out of your Android tablet or smartphone, you would need to have the very latest software available for your device. It is not just about updating your apps every-so-often, but updating the entire operating system will, for the most part, give you a better overall experience. Read on to know how you can update the operating system on your device.

Android - How to Update Your Smartphone or Tablet

Update the Android System on Your Tablet or Smartphone for the Best Experience it Can Give

Step 1 – You can force your Android device to do a search for an available update when you go to the Settings menu. However, it doesn’t mean that there is a new version of the operating system available that it is available for your device. It could mean that an update will arrive soon, or possibly even never. But before you should try updating your device, you should check if there is an update available. Go to the Settings menu on your device, and then tap on About phone. In here, you will see a menu item that says Software update service. Make sure that the device is connected to the Internet first before tapping on it. Tapping on Software update service will let your phone or tablet do a scan if there is an available update for your device.

Step 2 – Before you proceed, make sure you do a precautionary measure of backing up your data such as your photos and the contact information of your, well, contacts. While the upgrade should not affect the information stored in your Android smartphone or tablet, you can never be too sure. In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Step 3 – Going back, should there be an update available for your Android tablet or smartphone, you will then be able to proceed with its download and installation. Selecting yes will download and install the new software. After it has been downloaded and installed, your phone should reboot. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, have your smartphone or tablet charged so that you won’t run out of battery power midway. Furthermore, make sure that you’re in a secure and consistent Internet connection so that the download won’t stop while it is downloading. If there are interferences that would happen when the update is being downloaded or installed, then it might cause some problems with the overall performance. So keep that in mind.


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