Android N – How to Enable the Cat-Collecting Easter Egg

Google is known to hide Easter eggs in their mobile operating system, and Android N is no exception. If you’re familiar with the mobile game known as Neko Atsume, then this particular Easter egg is similar to that videogame because you’re going to have to collect cats. But do beware, while you might thinking that collecting cats on your mobile phone is stupid, it can be strangely addicting.

Android N - How to Enable the Cat-Collecting Easter Egg

Collecting Cats in Your Android N Device

Step 1 – The first thing to do to start collecting cats on your Android N device is to head on to the Settings menu by pulling the notification shade twice. Tap on the cog icon when you see it, and then head on all the way down to the bottom of the menu until you see “About <device>.”

Step 2 – Like many other Android Easter eggs, you would have to tap repeatedly on the “Android version” entry. This will then launch the new menu with the “N” logo on it. If you’re not familiar with what the N stands for in the new Google mobile operating system, it stands for Nougat.

Step 3 – Once the large N appears, don’t just be satisfied with yourself and call it a day. You can still tap on the large letter about five or six times, and then do a long-press on it. This will then let your device display a small cat emoji right down at the bottom of your device’s screen. You might think that it’s just there for kicks, but it has another purpose, and you’ve already might have guessed it as you will be able to start collecting cats.

Step 4 – But that’s not the end of the process yet; give the notification shade two more pulls in order to access the Quick Settings menu. Once you do, tap on “Edit.” When you head on to the “Drag to add tiles” menu, you will see a new cat icon pop up with question marks for its title. Do a long-press on the cat icon and drag it into the Quick Settings area.

Step 5 – When you go back to the Quick Settings menu on your Android N device, you can tap on the cat icon and it will read “Empty dish.” Give it one more tap and you can put digital food items on said dish. Now all you have to do is wait. Your device will then notify you when a “cat” comes to visit and has eaten then food that you’ve placed for it.


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