Android N – How to Use the New Notification Controls to Silence Apps

One of the best features found on many smartphones of today is their ability to give us notifications from different apps, and this is still very apparent with the most recent version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android N. However, as time went on and the OS has grown in an immense manner, there are many app developers that tend to “abuse” the notification system as they know people cannot put down their handsets whenever a new notification pops up. In the new mobile OS by Google, it adds quick notification controls that you can immediately access from the shade, instead of going to the Settings menu and endlessly tapping on each app to silence them.

Android N - How to Use the New Notification Controls to Silence Apps

Silencing Apps in Android N

Step 1 – So since you’re here reading this, then you’re probably being annoyed by a certain app on your Android N device. The next time that said application sends you another notification, find it in the shade and give it a nice long press.

Step 2 – Doing a long press will open up a new menu that will give you three new options. The options that you can choose from are “Show notifications silently,” “Block all notifications,” or “Don’t silence or block.” Should you never want to see another notification being sent by that annoying app ever again, use the “block” option. Or if you want, you can just uninstall the application entirely, but this is an extreme solution and if you’re really sure you want to go about this path.

Step 3 – If you’ve already tapped the menu item to block app notifications, then you’re practically done here and you can go about your other businesses with your Android Nougat phone. But if you want to continue, you might notice an item that says “More settings” found at the bottom. This will then take you to that particular application’s more advanced notification settings. In here, you will be able to block all types of notifications from the app, show them silently, allow it to override the Do Not Disturb Settings, or control what shows up on the device’s lock screen.

Step 4 – If you want to take it even a step further, you can even go the extra mile with the experimental notification settings of the Android N platform. To do a bit of tweaking, you would first have to pull down the notification shade twice, and then do a long press on the cog icon. It will then start to do a spin which will let a wrench appear right beside it. Once it does, there will now be a new entry called “System UI Tuner” found at the bottom of the Settings menu. It is here that you can fine tune your notification’s settings even further.


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