Android N – Proving How Good Google’s OS Is

If you’ve just recently purchased an Android smartphone, and it’s one of the latest models at that, then you might be an unwitting part of a grand experiment that is now called Android N. The N stands for Nougat (if you haven’t already known about it), and it is known that Google has spent all those hard-working years in creating a better experience for its smartphone users. This latest version has a lot of changes going on, or practically speaking, there is not a lot of change that has happened, and that’s actually a good thing.

Android N - Proving How Good Google's OS Is

With Android N, it Shows That Google is on the Right Track to the Perfect Mobile OS Formula

The Android N operating system is now slowly rolling out towards the Internet giant’s own Nexus devices. For those with other brands of Android phones, don’t worry as they will eventually come to yours, that is, if it does support the new software. Unlike other mobile operating systems from Google that has been made before, such as those of Cupcake, Honeycomb, and Jelly Bean, Nougat shows that the company knows what they’re doing and what they’re about to do.

So what is the Android Nougat experience? It is a more polished and refined way of experiencing your Android device. It does exist within a smartphone market, and it shows that Google is no longer fiddling around in the dark trying to find the right light switch. Even though this is a new operating system, it is not a terribly exciting one. As a matter of fact, its noteworthy features are more about complementing phones with TVs and wearable techs rather than boosting the overall handset experience. Still, it does show that Google is future-proofing the software, and knows that whatever they put into the operating system can be used for further generations of the Android OS. Hence, this might possibly the best version of Android to-date.

There are only a handful of new features found in Android N, and if you’re a proud owner of a Nexus device and are already experiencing it, then you might take notice of the new emoji set. Google has finally removed the blobby yellow characters and replaced them with actual people (sort of). Then there’s also an improved way of switching apps, and the notifications panel has some updates as well. Each of these new features and improvements are found to be thought of carefully, and not just there just to create a brand new experience.


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Android N – Proving How Good Google’s OS Is
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