Android Nougat – New Features That Improves the Mobile Experience

The version 7.0 of Google’s own mobile operating system is called Android Nougat (or N for short), and it has been a long time coming. At the time of writing, the new software is only available to select devices, particularly those that bear the Nexus name. However, it has been reported that the Internet and tech giant is now rolling out the update through over-the-air patches for the first wave of devices that will be receiving the new operating system. With it are a bunch of features that will enhance your overall Android experience from your device.

Android Nougat - New Features That Improves the Mobile Experience

New Features From the Android Nougat Update Enhances the Overall Mobile Experience

The first thing to note in the new Android Nougat is Google Assistant. With this new application, it will allows users to engage in a more natural manner with the artificial intelligence, instead of asking one question at a time. Simply put, the AI found in Google Assistant is more intelligent than what the system found in Google Now can comprehend. For instance, the Google Assistant will let you do things such as research a reservation and immediately make a reservation to it with the use of a companion app like OpenTable.

Another feature wherein many Android fans are looking for that has finally come to Android N is the multi-window interface. With it, you will be able to look at two apps at once. This feature has already been available to certain phones like those from LG and Samsung. With the new software, it will be available to a bunch of other smartphones as well.

A new time-saving feature is to let users reply through the notifications drawer. This functionality has been bought over from Android Wear watches, and it allows users to reply to messages within the notifications drawer itself rather than having to go into the app first. iOS devices already have a similar feature, but it is also great that Android devices is getting this as well.

Speaking of notifications, Android Nougat now has the ability to bundle notifications. For instance, if you have a mess of alerts from your social media accounts, then the operating system can just group all of those together so that should you want to dismiss all of them, you don’t have to swipe on each-and-every one of them. You can even the grouped notifications down so that you can see each individual alert.


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Android Nougat – New Features That Improves the Mobile Experience
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