Android – Web Browsers You Should Download

Your Android device is not just for texting, calling, browsing social media, or playing games. There are times when you need to do a quick research on the Internet to learn about certain kinds of information. When you head on to Google Play, the place is literally packed with web browsers that you can download. Among the hundreds, perhaps even the thousands located within Google Play, there are a handful that can truly be deemed useful, and for many reasons.

Android - Web Browsers You Should Download

Pick the Best Web Browsers for Your Android Device

First on the list of great web browsers that you can download for your Android device is Google Chrome. Perhaps you’ve been using the Chrome browser for quite a while now when you’re browsing the Internet using your computer, but do know that it is also available as a mobile application. It has been launched for this operating system back in 2012. There are many reasons as to why this is one of the must-download browsers for your device. First of all, you have the ability to quickly initiate searches right from the address bar, instead of going to a search engine before typing in a search string. You can also browse the web in relative privacy with the use of its incognito mode.

Aside from Google Chrome, you can also download Opera for Android. It is made from a resilient company as the business only has a single-digit share of the mobile browser market. But nevertheless, even though it only takes a small slice of the pie, the company still upholds dedication over their software, especially when it comes to its browser. With Opera Mobile, it allows users to enjoy a reasonably more streamlined experience as it has its own built-in ad-blocker. Furthermore, the new search bar also supports the standard array of queries. Not to mention letting you take advantage of the fairly new VPN feature.

Last on this list, but certainly not the least, is that you can download and install Firefox for your Android mobile device. This is an open-source web browser that first made its debut back in 2002, but the Android application wasn’t available until 2012. It is able to let users take a hold of advantages such as a pop-up suppressor, and the text-to-speech engine with Speechify. While it does offer a lot of customizable options for a mobile browser, the Firefox app lacks the native data compression feature and it only has a basic home page.


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Android – Web Browsers You Should Download
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