Anghami – Free Music App Review

If you have a taste for Middle Eastern music, then it might be a good idea to start with the Anghami mobile app. What the app offers is a way to play and discover the music you love, and you can do so for free. Yes, the app won’t take a cent for you to try and download it. However, just like with many other audio streaming apps out there, it does offer a premium version by way of Anghami Plus. Furthermore, it should be noted that even though you can play music that hails from other countries, international music streaming only works for Middle Eastern countries.

Anghami - Free Music App Review

The Anghami is a Great Way to Connect to Middle Eastern Music

Aside from listening to your favorite Middle Eastern tracks, Anghami is also a portal to watch exclusive music videos. Furthermore, the graphical user interface (GUI) of the app lets you search for music from any artist. You can take advantage of browsing through the app’s database of literally millions of songs. If you’re looking for new music, then you can get the recommendations straight away as you can just easily tap on what you’re currently feeling. You can even look at curated playlists found in different genres to suit your current listening needs.

It is advertized by the Anghami app that it takes advantage of Dolby technology to deliver the audio. While it is difficult to confirm if this is true or not, especially from a consumer’s perspective, but the audio files are indeed better than average in terms of quality.

As for the aforementioned Anghami Plus subscription option, you can take advantage of this to do away with advertisements. If you’re going for the free version of the app, then know that there will be advertisements that will interject in between songs. These happen quite randomly as you might get an advertisement once every five songs, or perhaps once every two songs.

So if you’re a fan of Middle Eastern music and would want to discover new tracks within that region, then it might be to your best interest to try out the Anghami mobile application. There are users that even commented on the app’s Google Play page that marvels at how the application delivers its audio and its overall experience. For instance, one user has the following review to state: “Very good app. I like it so much This app is different than all other music apps.”


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