Apple – Acquires Gliimpse

Apple is known to dabble upon things that are related technology, and that notion shows within its acquisition of Gliimpse. Gliimpse assists people in collecting their medical information that is given by different pharmacies, labs, specialists, hospitals, clinics, and doctors, and the data gathered can be shared towards other practitioners within the medical field to assist patients even further. With this latest acquisition by the Cupertino, California-based tech giant, it allows you, along with other users, to gain easier access towards your medical records.

Apple - Acquires Gliimpse

Apple’s Gliimpse Acquisition Aims to Help Users Gain Easier Access to Medical Records

This acquisition of Gliimpse by Apple did not happen just recently, as it took place earlier this year. Gliimpse is a startup company with a platform that is made for the secure collecting, managing, and sharing of private health records of individuals. As per Fast Company, this acquisition was the first that made the tech giant’s digital health team to become a reality.

The startup firm was founded back in 2013, and it was a way for professionals and establishments within the medical sector to collectively share health records for patients. A user’s personal Gliimpse report can be shared with other doctors in order to give them a more comprehensive view of your health. Hence, whenever you get a second opinion from other doctors, you no longer have to repeat the entire story from scratch as to whatever it is that happened as they can just look into your Gliimpse profile instead.

Aside from this, Gliimpse also allows users to take advantage of an option to anonymously donate their health data in order to create a “national health graph,” according to The Verge. With the information gathered, the data can then be used by numerous medical researchers in order to develop “patient-centric apps,” which is quite similar to Apple’s ResearchKit studies.

Gliimpse co-founder Anil Sethi wrote the following on a post over at LinkedIn: “As a consumer of healthcare, I leave behind a bread-crumb-trail of medical info wherever I’ve been seen. But, I’m unable to easily access or share my own data. There’s no single Electronic Health Record that all physicians use, sigh. Worse, there isn’t even a common file format across a 1000+ systems.”

With this acquisition of Gliimpse by Apple, it is the company’s latest move in the topic of digital health. However, within the last few years, the Cupertino, California-based tech company has been found to steadily release custom kits that are addressing issues.


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