Apple Airpods Review – Sit This One Out For Now

They are sometimes mistaken for Q-tips, but the Apple Airpods are audio listening devices that are mainly built for the iPhone. For its price, the audio quality that you get with it are not worth the money you’re going to shell out for it. Furthermore, it would be nice if the Cupertino, California-based tech giant would pack in more flexibility for its controls. But on the more positive side of things, these are practically dead simple to set up, and they do work when sending requests to Siri. Still, the functionality for this wireless pair of earbuds is too low as compared to many other options out on the market. Hence, you might just want to sit these one out until an upgrade gets released.

Apple Airpods Review - Sit This One Out For Now

The Apple Airpods Can be Mistaken for Q-Tips

Even though the audio quality on the Apple Airpods won’t knock your socks off, the battery life is pretty solid. For many Apple fans, this pair might be the first one to get on their list, especially with the advent of the iPhone 7. For those who are not yet in the know, the latest iPhones to hit the market do not have a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. But you still have options such as using the adapter that comes with the iPhone’s standard packaging so that you can still connect your old headphones to the new smartphone, or you can purchase wireless headphones instead.

However, this first attempt of earphones to coincide with the release with the new iPhone smartphones clearly misses the mark, even though the concept for the Airpods has a ton of potential. Furthermore, there’s that design that won’t clearly be liked by everyone. You might probably even hear some people jest that you still have a pair of Q-tips sticking out of your ears as you’re out and about in town.

It is also a disappointment that the audio quality portrayed by the Apple Airpods falls short in many areas. Furthermore, to take proper control of these earphones, you would have to rely mostly on Apple’s smart assistant, Siri, for most of the time. It would be nice to have some onboard controls on the earphones themselves, rather than having to wake up Siri all the time. Ultimately, these earphones falls short in so many areas that even Apple fans might want to stay away from them. It might be wise to just wait for an upgrade to these instead.


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