Apple Car – Lessons That Can be Learned from Tesla

The rumor mill continues to churn, especially with regards to the Apple Car. And if the Cupertino, California-based tech firm is really developing a vehicle to call their own, it should take some cues from popular electronic car manufacturer Tesla.

Apple Car – Lessons That Can be Learned from Tesla

The Apple Car Should Take Cues from Tesla

There are numerous reports that the existence of the Apple Car is upon us, and it is said that it will drive into the scene within the next few years. Obviously, many are already comparing the vehicle with the electric cars made by known vehicles made by Tesla Motors. To recall, back in 2015, Tesla was able to sell more than 50,000 of their model S sedans. Therefore, Tim Cook and Jony Ive should be taking pointers from Elon Musk as early as now.

To start, the Apple Car needs to learn how to keep it simple, like what they do with their other pieces-of-technology. There have been a few missteps over the past few years; but even so, their devices are regarded as the simpler ones in the market, even when you compare the iPhone to a ton of Android devices. With regards to their alleged vehicle, the car needs to keep it as simple as possible but still being able to offer everything that is needed for the driver and its passengers.

It is also known for many that Apple is taking a back seat over the recent years in taking risks. While technology continues to evolve, and there are many tech manufacturers are embracing evolving trends, many wonder why Apple’s brand of products is lagging behind in previous years. It should be noted that one of the reasons as to why Tesla has been able to garner such success is due to the automaker to do something different. The electric car manufacturer is able to design vehicles that you would actually want to drive while staying in a highly competitive industry.

Furthermore, the Apple Car needs to be sold properly, but this notion is not much of a concern for many. Why? Because there are studies wherein people would actually purchase practically product if it was manufactured by Apple; yes, there are some really loyal fans out there, and that is an understatement. How loyal can these Apple fans be? Think about this – if you were to try to sell an ordinary notebook to people, you would most likely receive the cold shoulder from them. But throw in the Apple logo on it, and sell it off to a fan of the company, then that notebook is as good as sold on the spot.


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