Apple Maps – How to Change the Default Home Address

Are you a prime Apple Maps user and have recently moved to a new area? Chances are when you tell Siri to help you navigate to “Home,” it will bring up a route that will point you to your previous address. Do take note that the app won’t automatically detect your new Home address until you manually input it. Furthermore, this particular iOS map app should not be used in the same way as Google Maps, as the latter has its own option for your Home address to be changed within the mobile application itself. So how can you change the Home address within the iOS app? Read on to know how.

Apple Maps – How to Change the Default Home Address

Changing the Default Home Address in Apple Maps

Step 1 – Instead of Apple Maps relying on a feature for you to change the default Home address within the app itself, it uses the address found within your Contact card. With that in mind, open your iPhone’s Contact app and head on to your personal contacts card. You should be able to see your name along with the label “My Card” that should appear at the top of your contacts list. Don’t be afraid to give that a tap.

Step 2 – Now, you should see the default Home address displayed along with other pieces of information. This is where we can then proceed to replace it for the Apple Maps app to use later on. To change the default Home address, tap on the “Edit” link found at the top-right corner of the screen. Once tapped, scroll down towards the Home address portion. But what if it’s currently blank? Not to worry, just tap on the “Add Address” link to add a new default Home address.

Step 3 – After typing in a new Home address, tap on “Done.” Do not worry if your iPhone takes a bit of time to load; this is because the app is trying to notice the new Home address so that the next time you use the widget, it will point you towards the new address instead of your old one.

Step 4 – Aside from using your contacts card, you can also use Apple Maps itself to change the default Home address, albeit there is no Settings screen to do that. In the app, just type “Home” without the quotes and then swipe to the left. Tap on “Edit Location” afterwards and then type in a new Home address.


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Apple Maps – How to Change the Default Home Address
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