Apple Pay – Still Not Quite Available Everywhere

Even though there are about more than 2-million places that do accept Apple Pay as an easier means of payment for purchasing a whole lot of things, the German restaurant wherein Tim Cook went to buy coffee is not one of those users.

Apple Pay - Still Not Quite Available Everywhere

German Restaurant Tells Apple CEO They do Not Accept Apple Pay

Tim Cook was in Sun Valley, Idaho recently as he attended the Allen & Co. Conference which takes place annually wherein he stopped by an establishment to purchase coffee when he was about to pay using the famous Apple Pay service. However, when Cook inquired if they were accepting the mode of payment, the barista told him with a “No” as a reply.

The service was launched back in 2014, and it was hailed as a revolutionary method for paying for various products and services as it promotes a wireless mode of payment. Approximately 2 years later, it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, many establishments around the United States have caught on with the interesting advantages brought about by the payment scheme. Restaurants, stores, and companies that offer services adopted Apple’s mobile payment service. However, it does not mean that every shop, store, or business establishment in America has already applied the payment scheme into their operations.

Examples of some establishments that do accept Apple Pay include American Eagle Outfitters, Crate & Barrel, Foot Locker, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Office Depot, Walgreens,White Castle, Best Buy, Dunkin’ Donuts, GameStop, Levi’s, McDonald’s, Peet’s Coffee, and Trader Joe’s. The list is continuously increasing in number as Baskin’ Robbins, Anthropologie, Renaissance Hotels, Urban Outfitters, and T-Mobile will be following suit soon.

It is not just the United States that is now taking advantage of the Apple payment scheme as it just recently went live in Switzerland. The mobile payment service is available for use with the iPhone 6/6S, 6/6s Plus, and iPhone SE users. For older-generation iPhones that do not have near-field communication (NFC) chips, they are not compatible with this mode of payment by tapping to pay, unfortunately. However, older iPhones will still be able to take advantage of this service with the assistance of an Apple Watch.

Tim Cook stated that Apple Pay is growing at a tremendous rate, therefore it would not be too long before the German restaurant that he went to will start accepting the payment scheme in the future. However, it would seem that competitors are starting to catch on the mobile payment service fever, especially if you take into account Walmart Pay.


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