Apple – Rolls Out New watchOS 3 Beta

Just recently, Cupertino, California-based tech giant Apple just released the sixth beta version of the upcoming watchOS 3, and this release comes alongside the new beta versions of the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. All of these betas were released just a week after the previous build versions of the respective operating systems were released to developers and beta testers. Considering that this is already the sixth beta version of the watchOS, it does beg the question, does this mean that an Apple Watch 2 will be releasing soon along with the new operating system?

Apple - Rolls Out New watchOS 3 Beta

Apple Releases New Beta Version of watchOS 3

For many, the answer towards the moves made by Apple is quite obvious, and it is expected that the company is already ready to launch its new line of smartwatches come this September. This release will go along the highly anticipated announcement and launch of iPhone 7 smartphones.

As for the release notes for the new beta version of Apple’s watchOS 3, it states that the new build comes with several bug fixes that were found in previous releases of the operating system. It was even pointed out by MBedded that aside from the fixes that were released with the new version, there is nothing else that would distinguish the 6th beta version from the 5th.

Just like with earlier beta builds for the Apple Watch’s operating system, it was already revealed that the OS upgrade for the Apple smartwatch is going to be seven times faster than the previous operating system of the device, which was the watchOS 2. Also, the watchOS 3 has already been revealed to contain a new Dock UI, an enhanced Messages app, a redesigned Control Center, as well as a Breathe app that will be used for relieving stress.

There are also other features that will come with the new Apple watchOS, such as Auto Unlock, in which this functionality will work hand-in-hand with the macOS Sierra. What this feature will do is that it will allow Apple Watch users to remotely unlock their Mac devices that are running on macOS Sierra without the need of having to type a lengthy password on the login screen. Also, there will be another feature that will come in handy for many users, and this is dubbed as Emergency SOS. This gives you the ability to contact emergency services within the local area through the Watch itself, as what 9To5Mac has learned.


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