Apple – Siri to Get New Features

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant for the company’s ecosystem of hardware products, is about to get new things. She is about to become smarter and perhaps even more wisecracking than before. For those who don’t know how sassy the artificial intelligence can be, try asking her what’s the answer to any number divided by zero, you might be surprised as to what she’ll say.

Apple - Siri to Get New Features

Apple’s Siri to Become Smarter, and Perhaps Even Sassier

On Monday, Apple had announced that Siri will now work on Mac computers, and they have demonstrated other upgrades to the artificial intelligence to boast about her smarts. However, many are still questioning as to how does her boosted intelligence will keep up with its rivals, especially those from Amazon and Google. Co-founder of Boomtrain (which is a startup that creates artificial intelligence software that are used by online retailers) Chris Monberg said the following: “Google Now has kind of eaten their lunch.” He said this as he points out about the Cupertino, California-based tech giant to be behind the times in the race for a better artificial intelligence.

As for Amazon’s Echo, the home speaker has its own set of fans. It has an AI that is able to recognize even informal voice commands which can still let users order flowers, pizza, or a ride downtown. Even Facebook is taking a bite off of the AI pie with their Messenger chatbots.

In some respects, Apple’s AI Siri is still in the competition; well, at least as long as users stick to the company’s other services. Tech analyst at Jackdaw Research Jan Dawson states that the artificial intelligence can volunteer helpful reminders that have been set in the Apple calendar app. It can also offer suggestions that are based on the user’s current location, as well as search for certain images within the device’s photo app.

While there are new features abound for the virtual assistant, the company is still hesitant in prying too deeply into their users’ personal information. For some experts in the industry, they say that it does put the company at a disadvantage as compared to the likes of Google, of which has already compiled a large amount of data from their users.

Apple Vice President Craig Federighi said the following during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference last year: “We don’t mine your email, your photos, or your contacts in the cloud to learn things about you. We honestly just don’t want to know.”


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