Apple Watch Series 2 Review – Promising to Get You Fitter Than Before

Ever since the first Apple Watch was first released, it changed the way how people look at wearable devices in a dramatic fashion, and this year we get the second iteration for that watch – the Apple Watch Series 2. It is clear right off the bat that Tim Cook and his team of great minds over at the Cupertino, California-based tech made refined the original watch and even made it better. But despite improvements in several areas, it is still far from that perfect wearable device that you might be dreaming about.

Apple Watch Series 2 Review - Promising to Get You Fitter Than Before

The Apple Watch Series 2 is Great, But Not Stellar

Still, the Apple Watch Series 2 does not mean that it is not a great device to be worn. It does have its own set of limitations and caveats, but its features, hardware specs, and overall performance still make for an above average smartwatch.

So what’s it like? First of all, let’s get the drawbacks right out of the box. It can only promise a day’s worth of use on a single, full charge, and, at the time of writing, still lacks support from numerous apps. Hence, there’s no point of getting it right now which might make you want for a few more months for additional support prior to getting it. Beyond those drawbacks, you’re going to get a pretty luxurious-looking smartwatch.

When it comes to cost, it is no surprise that the Apple Watch 2  has a similar price class as its predecessor. But this time around, there is a new ceramic version, which is more luxurious-looking than the base model. And with that, it also comes with a far greater price tag. In other words, because of its current drawbacks, that variant is just clearly for those who have money to burn and might not possibly care about spending a whole lot of cash at the moment.

The largest changes for this second iteration are found on the fitness side of things. The original Apple Watch lacked the GPS functionality, which means that runners would have to rely on their iPhones primarily to track their progress. This time around, we now have a built-in GPS module to make it work more autonomously from your iPhone. Furthermore, the device is also water resistant. Do take note, however, that it is water resistant, not water proof. In other words, you will be able to bring it to the side of the pool as it can take minor splashes, but don’t submerge it inside the swimming pool.

So is the Apple Watch Series 2 worth the buy? At the time of writing, not so much, primarily because of the major lack of support for different apps. There’s also the problem with the slightly poor battery life, which Apple needs to step up their game, considering there are tons of wearable devices out there that can promise more than 3-days of battery life.


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