Apple WWDC 2016 – Going Into the Rumor Mill

The Apple WWDC 2016 is always a big deal to the tech community, as it will always be even since when it first debuted. WWDC stands for the Worldwide Developers Conference and it Apple’s Academy Awards, well, if the awards were only given to the Academy members then this event is like that. Apple’s event is a mixture of announcements for hardware, software, and the very enthusiastic applause of the audience along with a lot of people within the tech community. Simply put, it is the apex of the Cupertino, California-based tech company’s development year. But for this year, reports and rumors have been a bit different as those in the past. It is because consumer sentiment for the company has shifted and it’s not in a positive direction.

Apple WWDC 2016 - Going Into the Rumor Mill

What’s Inside the Rumor Mill for the Apple WWDC 2016?

There are now many websites around the World Wide Web that are talking about what to expect for Apple WWDC 2016. While there are a lot to be anticipated for this year’s event, do not expect that there’s going to be any new hardware, especially since the company already released a smaller version of the iPhone and iPad Pro back in March. Then there’s also the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch that won’t hit the market until September of this year, and that’s at the earliest.

Instead, this year’s Apple WWDC will focus more about software that powers the company’s ecosystem of hardware. There are expected new features to come to the iOS, OS X for the Mac computers, and other operating systems such as those for the Apple Watch and the Apple TV. Also, it is expected that there will be an update with the company’s virtual assistant, Siri.

Also, and in a more untraditional move, the company has already let out some preshow bits of information about what to expect for the event, and it includes the App Store. It is going to be getting a number of changes, which will include built-in adds (which might not sound as appealing to consumers as compared to businesses), as well as subscription models that will give back more money to app developers.

Aside from the other bits of information to expect for in Apple WWDC 2016, there could always be other surprises. Perhaps there might be a mention of a virtual reality support for iOS 10, or even some new CarPlay features. WWDC will be shown to the world on June 13.


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Apple WWDC 2016 – Going Into the Rumor Mill
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