Apps – How to Play Any Video Format on Any Device

If you need to do specific tasks on your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or even your Android tablet or smartphone, then you would need the right apps for it. In this particular case, what happens if you want to play a video, then to your surprise, the built-in media player on the system can’t read it. So what do you do? Don’t just wallow in despair as there are software available for you to choose from across many platforms that you can take advantage of, so you can watch Disney’s Frozen over and over again without worry.

Apps - How to Play Any Video Format on Any Device

What Apps to Download to Play Any Video Format

If you want to play different video formats, then you would need the right apps for it. For instance, if you want to play any video file format on your personal computer, then relying on the pre-installed Windows Media Player can be a disappointment. Why? Because its options are quite limited, and you can only play a handful of video formats. Therefore, you might want to look for an alternative. Luckily, there are a bunch of them, and many of them are free.

One of those free options is the VLC media player. It is an open source platform and framework that ‘s continuously being upheld by many developers and programmers across the globe. It does support practically anything you want to throw at it, even CDs and DVDs.

What’s good about VLC media player is that it is also available for download as an app for mobile devices. If you have an iOS mobile device, such as an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod touch, you can head on to the App Store and download this particular media player. Why is this considered a need for many? Because the built-in media player for iOS devices won’t really give you much options in terms of playing many video file formats.

But what apps are good for the Android system? There’s also VLC for Android, but many do prefer to download the MX Media Player app from Google Play instead. Like VLC, the MX Player is also free-to-download, and it offers a slew of options for you to play your favorite videos with it. You can even change the video quality (if the file allows for it) so that you can get the most out of your viewing experience from your Android mobile device. And unlike the iOS ecosystem wherein you have to rely on iTunes to transfer files from your computer to the mobile device, Android devices have it easier as you can just plug it to your PC, copy the files into your gadget, then the app will immediately detect those files for you.


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Apps – How to Play Any Video Format on Any Device
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