Arsenal Gun Knife Review – The Self-defense Ballistic Knife

Arsenal Gun Knife Review

What could be better than a knife, or even a gun, to defend yourself in extreme situations? What about a weapon that is both a knife and a gun!? That is exactly what you get with the Arsenal Gun Knife. This self-defense weapon is conveniently carried as a knife, only to open up into a .22 caliber gun which will fire 6 shots back-to-back. It is an extremely rare AOW (all one weapon) ballistic knife created especially for the Russian Special Forces. In fact, approximately only 200 of these were made for purchase.

The fully-functional knife is an effective weapon on its own. If you want to fire a few rounds, however, all you need to do is pull up the trigger, load the .22 caliber rounds into the grip of the knife, and close it all up again. The Arsenal Gun Knife is able to hold six bullets at once, meaning six successive rounds can be fired quickly before having to reload.


Arsenal Gun Knife

You may have seen this gun knife in the movie, “A Good Day to Die Hard”. Its design is similar to that of a fighting knife, with the short double action revolver seamlessly integrated into the grip of the knife itself. The trigger for the gun pops out of the top of the knife’s grip. Simply push it down to fire. The blade of the knife is six and a half inches long. The Arsenal Gun Knife is imported by Arsenal firearms, a Las Vegas based company. It retails for $2000 plus the price of the AOW stamp, which is a further $5.

This multi-purpose stroke of genius is not only an effective way to protect yourself, but will make you feel like an action hero while carrying it. How could you possibly resist acquiring an epic armament like the Arsenal Gun Knife for your own arms collection? You can’t.


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Arsenal Gun Knife Review – The Self-defense Ballistic Knife
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