Ashampoo Photo Commander Review – Great, But Not the Best

When you hear someone mention the Ashampoo Photo Commander computer application, you might be thinking about “A Shampoo Photo Commander.” While it does sound like it is a pun, perhaps the creators of this program might think of it as such as well. This is because it takes the name from its disk cleaning utility, which is advertised to be “a shampoo for your disk.” But enough about its name, what you can find within said program are lots of photo effects, RAW camera file support, a neat tone curve editing feature, and adjustable filters, just to name a few. What ultimately defeats it to be considered one of the best photo editing tools available are its cluttered interface and its slow performance.

Ashampoo Photo Commander Review - Great, But Not the Best

The Ashampoo Photo Commander Might Not be Your First Photo Editing Application

The Ashampoo Photo Commander is hardly what you can call a cheap photo editing application. It is able to operate on the Windows 7 through Windows 10 platforms. Furthermore, it requires 322MB of disk space to properly get it installed into your computer. This is already reasonable enough, as far as photo editing programs go. Should you not want to pay right off the bat, there is a 40-day free trial so you can check out the various tools found within the program.

Once you’re in the Ashampoo Photo Commander Image Editing Application, the user-interface will be brought into full view, and it might not be one to your liking. Simply speaking, it is cluttered, and most of the tools are just packed into one side of the program. There are tons of buttons and menus that are seemingly placed in random positions (but are not). The interface is divided into three panels, them being the Folder, Content, and Preview panels. You have the option of resizing these panels, but it won’t do much help as all the tools will still look pretty messy.

But does the Ashampoo Photo Commander do well in the image editing department even with the cluttered user-interface? Well, if you already have a more capable (and cleaner-looking) image-editing application, then you would be hard-pressed to switch over to this one. This is intended to be a more lightweight version of Photoshop. However, with its price tag and messy interface, you might just want to look for other options instead. If you have the cash, you might even want to spend that on the full version of Adobe Photoshop or Corel PaintShop Pro.


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Ashampoo Photo Commander Review – Great, But Not the Best
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