Asus Chromebook C301SA – Bringing Full HD With 64GB of Storage

Asus is on a roll as of late as not only did the company recently unveiled their latest line of Zenfone 3 smartphones, the firm is also set to release the new Asus Chromebook C301SA. But the question is, what makes this Chromebook different from previous releases? First of all, it is able to deliver way more storage among others. While there are Chromebooks that can only deliver 16 to 32GB of internal storage, this model will let users enjoy a 64GB eMMc storage. This might not mean much for other devices that already sport such a capacity for its storage, but for a Chromebook, that’s already plenty.

Asus Chromebook C301SA - Bringing Full HD With 64GB of Storage

The Asus Chromebook C301SA Packs in More Storage Than Others

Do take note that a Chromebook, even the likes of the Asus Chromebook C301SA, is made for easy browsing on the Internet, as well as the basic office or school-related tasks. It is not a powerhouse machine wherein you can store a whole lot of high-definition movies, or play graphic intensive games with. If you want such a device, then you would want a more powerful laptop rather than this Chrome-powered unit.

Nevertheless, coming up with the Chromebook C301SA is a smart move for Asus, as the Taiwan-based manufacturer follows the announcement of Google that the company responsible for the popular search engine will soon be bringing support for Android applications along with games towards the Chrome operating system.

For the C301SA, the CPU installed within is that of the power-efficient Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core Braswell processor. Furthermore, it is boasting 4GB of RAM, and can connect to an 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless connection. Speaking of connectivity, users are also able to connect the device through Bluetooth 4.2 compatible units. This particular Chromebook also packs USB 3.0 standards.

It has a 13.3-inch display that has a very nice resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, albeit it’s not touch screen. Therefore, from this notion alone, there might not be some Android apps that won’t work on it because of the lack of such a capability.

Looking at previous releases of Chromebooks from other manufacturers, it should be known that they are all geared to give consumers with a tighter budget the ability to get work done without having to spend too much on a full-blown laptop, and the same could be said for the Asus Chromebook C301SA. However, the price point is increased by a bit primarily due to the increase in storage space.


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